Preserving the History of Northwest Indiana

and our Steel Industry



The public is invited to attend the museum meetings.  For 2010, meetings will be held at 5pm on the second Tuesday of April, June, August, October and December at USW, Local 1010 Memorial Hall located at  3703 Euclid Ave in East Chicago. To verify a meeting date, please call 219-399-8134.




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The Northwest Indiana Steel Heritage Project is an organization dedicated to preserving the steelmaking history that forged the identity of our region. We are determined to save, protect and preserve the stories, artifacts, machines and history of the entire steelmaking industry of Northwest Indiana for future generations. The Northwest Indiana Steel Heritage Project, (NISHP), is a 501(C)(3) organization chartered to establish an interactive regional steel industry museum.


 The envisioned museum would combine interactive displays with static pieces. The museum will display large equipment, such as steelmaking locomotives, hot metal sub cars, ingots and ladles at various sites to allow visitors to see and experience the artifacts and to provide local students with an opportunity for enriched, hands-on learning. .  Static displays will capture steelworker stories and the environment that they toiled in, forging steel by the tons as they forged a collective identity from the diverse ethnic groups drawn to the Region in pursuit of the American Dream.


  NISHP represents a partnership between industry, labor and the larger community. The group is a volunteer based committee of dedicated individuals whose experience, knowledge and passion has led them to push for a museum that would preserve the unique history of steel in Northwest Indiana and educate the public about the industries advancements and future.


Throughout history, human and natural forces conspired to create something very special.  For Northwest Indiana, that was and remains STEEL—its production and all that goes into it.  Steel in the area of Northwest Indiana is not just what our mills produce, but also defines us as residents. To define the identity of one is to capture the history and future of both.

Though this effort is long overdue, it is not too late. But it is essential to begin collecting the stories, products and artifacts associated with the history and the technology of steel production in Northwest Indiana.  NISHP urgently needs financial resources, as well as the commitment and creativity of people in our region, to support and promote the establishment of a museum and to assist in acquiring the historic and educational artifacts and displays.



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